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May 21, 2012
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(loonatics unleashed) Hunter by thundershock125 (loonatics unleashed) Hunter by thundershock125
"You're dead to me!"-Hunter to someone he trusted

Full name: Hunter J. Rolf


eye color: (right)red (left) unknown

species: wolf

powers:lighting, static charge


occupation: Asassin.

likes: fighting,Ace, duck (at a degree),using sniper rifles and other firearms,the word hoorah

dislikes: duck (mostly)

birthplace: Blanc

equipment/tools: a ninjaken sword

Relationship status: dating

rivals: Weather Vane


Weight: 5.2 tons

Height: 6'11"


personality: Hunter is protective of others during a fight,he holds a negative persona to strangers due to paranoia.To most of his friends,he show a more warmer side of himself which is more humorous and brighter.he shows interest in Tina,which led to a relationship between them,Hunter is rather brutish and uses the fighting style Krav Maga. He also suffers a bipolar personslity disorder due to insanity.

bio:hunter was abused by his father and his brother. only one of his brothers respected him, hunter respects brian (brother) back.during the fall of planet Blanc he escaped the chaos in his father's ship, and landed on Acmetropolis. he settled there then returned months late.battled massive during his time on Acmetropolis,He was about to eliminate massive but was stopped by Ace Bunny.He was offered to join the Loonatics, he accepted the offer and settled on his home planet.he had a girlfriend after he settled on Blanc, they met years before he escaped Blanc,He enrolled in military.During on most missions with weather vane,he gets many third degree burns from a single shock(very painful).After the he killed civilians when his shadow form took over,leaving a big piece of guilt in him.He temporarily left after his attacks leaving Brian to be taken care of by Lexi,he reappeared when Hector attempted to kill Brian,in which he succeeded in,to prevent the attempted murder he was barely able to protect Lexi,for some reasons he that explained to her(he believes Ace wouldn't forgive himself for her death plus he thinks they make a good couple).Hunter was nearly beaten to death by Hector,Andre arrived in time to rescue him,Hector retreated from the battle and disappeared.He apparently fell through a portal leading him into a kids show called (My little pony:friendship is magic).He seemed to have approved of the beings there,he now comes by from time to time.Out of all members in his familiy,he made the most questionable choices,such as murdering his father beside leaving him without a word,his usual answers are always "I don't know.".Hunter is balanced with his abilities and he has one physical weakness,water. Somehow is able to predict every outcome,possible from from drugs tested on him by enhanced brain activity. Hunter's demise will come from upon the forced hands of Tina after being missing for months and unable to control his body from parasitic cells in his blood. Hunter's natural abilities like speed,strength,and eyesight are inherited from his natural species as a wolf. Hunter's sniper skill are beyond normal and makes up for lack of range for his lighting attacks. his training in military has made him into an extremely tactical fighter and firearm user. Hunter's isolation slowly drove him insane and took a different identity as a "rogue",this identity acts like a completely different person with a murderous intent,his attacks were usually focused on the loonatics,specifically Tina,Rex,and Brian.Hunter's time as a test subject drove him to forget nearly all of his memories,he looks for familiar place objects and other things to recover memory fragments. At his furneral,the loonatics/negatics sang Black Paper Moon together while Lionel walked in.

Lighting form: Hunter's only known form to the loonatics,this form gives him extreme speed,strength, and the ability to fly,the only flaw is that Hunter must maintain a huge amount of stamina to keep it up.</p>


*Hunter is the only person to be killed by the guardian strike sword

*Was originally supposed to wear sunglasses to hide his eyes but the idea was scrapped

*used to have a desert eagle but abandoned because of using an actual firearm

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MrBigTheArtist Jun 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
nice! i like him :D
thx did you see the update?
MrBigTheArtist Jun 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
update? nope i didnt see the update
MrBigTheArtist Jun 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
what is the update?
did you see the part about his girlfriend?
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